Preparing your trees for Tasmanian winters

Improving tree health

Trees can provide amenity and value to your property. However, they don’t always grow strong, straight and healthy.

Trees can accumulate faults and features which can become exposed by harsh winter weather, requiring attention from a trained professional with specialised skills.

Don’t neglect your trees, have them inspected and prevent severe damage before the strong winter storms hit.    

Structural faults 

Some species of tree (such as wattles and blue gums) often develop co-dominant leaders which are prone to failure.

Co-dominant stems refer to trees that have grown two or more competing main stems of similar size, resulting in weak attachments and structural instability.

When these stems grow closely together, bark can become trapped, resulting in what is called included bark. Included bark weakens the connection between the two stems, making them more susceptible to failure.

If ignored, these leaders can grow to a large size with the potential to cause significant damage.

Fungal attack 

Several types of wood decaying fungi exist in Tasmania, differentiated by the type of damage they cause to a tree’s xylem tissue.

White Rot Fungi primarily decompose lignin, a complex compound that lends trees their strength and rigidity. Alternatively, Brown Rot Fungi targets cellulose and hemicellulose, impairing a tree’s elasticity and flexibility. 

A trained and experienced arborist should inspect your trees for signs of decay and determine if this has implications for the tree and safety of your property.  

Complete tree failure

Unfortunately, trees have been known to fail at the base. Aside from root rot caused by Armillaria leutobalina (as discussed in previous articles), several abiotic factors can also be at play.

These include trees that have developed a heavy lean or shallow root systems, or have been compromised by excavation. These factors, in combination with wind and rain, can cause complete tree failure.

It is possible, with due consideration, to identify some of these signs before your trees come down in a heavy storm.

How can we help?

When it comes to managing your trees, a proactive approach lends you greater power over your property and its risk to storm damage.

Tasmanian Tree Care provides honest and trustworthy advice, making them the reliable choice when it comes tree care in the Greater-Hobart and Southern Tasmania area.

To organise a risk assessment for your trees, call us on 0428 997 068 or send us an email via the form below.

Content collected by Colin Fry

Colin Fry has spent the past two decades as a devoted arborist in Tasmania, and has been director of Tasmanian Tree Care since its inception in 2014. He is passionate about leading a purpose-led organisation that is a vessel for change, and investing in the personal and professional growth of his employees through arboriculture. 

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