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When possums feed on the leaves and branches of a tree, they cause stress and damage to the tree, which triggers the production of new shoots and foliage, known as epicormic growth. This is a defense mechanism used by the tree to replace the damaged leaves and branches, but the new growth is often weak and susceptible to further damage from the possums. This creates a cycle of damage and regrowth that puts the tree in a continuous state of stress, leading to significant tree decline over time.

The regular feeding and damage caused by possums can also interfere with the tree’s ability to photosynthesize effectively, as there are fewer leaves available to generate energy from sunlight. This reduction in photosynthesis can weaken the tree and make it more vulnerable to other pests and diseases.

By installing a possum guard, which stops possums from accessing the tree’s crown, the tree can recover from the stress caused by their feeding and stop the cycle of damage and regrowth. The tree can then grow new leaves and branches in a natural way and remain healthy and strong.

The installation of a Colorbond® Possum Guard involves wrapping a metal sheet around the trunk of the tree to create a smooth surface that possums cannot climb. The sheet is made of durable and long-lasting materials, and can be customized to match the aesthetic of the client’s property. The possum guard can be installed by experienced arborists who have the necessary knowledge and tools to protect the tree and complete the installation safely.

The installation process begins with an assessment of the tree to determine the best placement and size of the possum guard. The arborist will also assess any potential hazards, such as nearby buildings or power lines, to ensure that the installation can be done safely.

Once the assessment is complete, the arborist will begin installing the possum guard. They will measure the circumference of the trunk and cut the metal sheet to the appropriate size. They will then wrap the sheet around the trunk and secure it in place with brackets and screws. The possum guard should be tight against the trunk and extend from the base of the tree to a height that is out of reach of possums.

After the possum guard is installed, the arborist will inspect the tree and the surrounding area to ensure that the installation was successful and that the tree is protected from further damage. If necessary, the arborist may also perform reduction pruning to remove any branches that are close enough to adjacent buildings or trees to allow possums to access the tree.

The installation of a possum guard is a cost-effective and long-lasting solution for protecting trees from possums. By stopping possums from accessing the tree’s crown and damaging the foliage, the tree can function to its full capacity and remain healthy. This not only benefits the tree but also enhances the appearance of the property and protects its value.

Tasmanian Tree Care provides a high-quality and professional possum guard installation service to protect trees from possums. With experienced arborists and customizable Colorbond® Possum Guards, clients can rest assured that their trees will be protected for years to come.

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