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At Tas Tree Care, we believe well managed trees are an asset to your property, the environment and the broader community, and believe we can have the greatest positive impact by being the best arborists in Tasmania. We also consider ourselves to be custodians and managers of the urban forest and have a responsibility to share our passion and vision by example.

Director & Consulting Arborist

Colin Fry has spent the past two decades as a devoted arborist in Tasmania, and has been director of Tasmanian Tree Care since its inception in 2014. He is passionate about leading a purpose-led organisation that is a vessel for change, and investing in the personal and professional growth of his employees through arboriculture. 

Operations Manager, Tree Services

Corbin Tattersall is the embodiment of integrity. His role is to set an example through positive actions and behaviours to our employees and clients. Corbin is responsible for our operational systems and crew training. He is also one of the top tree climbers in Australia and regularly travels to compete. He has excellent communication skills and is extremely efficient in the tree, which makes him an asset to the business and a great mentor to our other climbers. Pull up a chair and watch a master at work, knowing you are being looked after by one of the most respected arborists in Tasmania. 

Crew Leader

Jack Colbeck is an understated high achiever with skills, humility and humour in equal measure. Jack is responsible for quality control and delivering professional tree services to our valued clients. 

Jack is passionate about growing and planting trees to offset the negative impact of removing trees. Creating habitats for native fauna is his passion, and he is always looking for opportunities to retain an existing habitat or to create new nesting hollows. The birds love Jack.

Arboriculture Asset Management

Mark Fahy grasps the greater picture of urban forest management and is here to provide you with a comprehensive tree management plan so you get benefit the most benefit from trees on your property. He has a wealth of knowledge and skills, and a contagious enthusiasm and curiosity for tree care.

Mark is also responsible for keeping our crews safe when working along roadsides, and is in charge of traffic management planning and delivery.

Trainee Arborist

Hunter Church is an aspiring arborist. We are currently moulding this block of clay.

Nothing is too difficult for Hunter, and he is about to complete his Certificate 3 in Arboriculture. We have no doubt that Hunter will be here for many years and we look forward to seeing which direction he chooses to take in his career.

Trainee Arborist

Robert Scott is a loyal and cautious trainee arborist. He is also our hardworking grounds person, managing all the work and machinery. Rob is an expert rock climber and a rapidly improving tree climber, receiving tuition from our more experienced team members when he gets the opportunity to climb.

Land Care Lead

Kyle McCallum is dedicated to the field of conservation. His zeal and respect for the natural world means he understands the intrinsic value of plants and every tree, shrub or grass planted is a victory in his eyes.

With a sound knowledge of land care principals and excellent plant identification skills, as well as hands-on experience in the industry, he takes pride in working collaboratively with stakeholders to restore biodiversity and help create habitat for native wildlife.

Kyle is responsible for overseeing land management and revegetation projects including weed control, plant selection and site regeneration.

Digital Producer

Ella Michele is a marketing all-rounder with a strong commitment to lifting up value-driven businesses that contribute positively to their communities.

With her dedication to honesty and transparency, she helps convey the mission and vision of Tasmanian Tree Care to a wider audience, fostering a stronger connection between people and their natural assets.

With a background in journalism and advertising, Ella is responsible for company messaging and key stakeholder engagement.


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