Climbing Arborist: Crew Leader (Permanent)


Climbing Arborist: Crew Leader (Permanent)
$71k- 75k Salary

08.08.23: Submissions open

Tasmanian Tree Care is seeking a skilled and dedicated individual to fill the role of Crew Leader. We are an equal opportunity employer and seek to add value and skills to our business by hiring individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Why Join Our Team:

At Tas Tree Care, we understand the importance of having a sense of purpose in your work. As part of our team, you may discover your purpose is to have a net positive impact on the environment or it may be to inspire and nurture the growth of your team members and the next generation of arborists. Whatever you find, we are committed to providing a fertile environment for growth to maximise your personal potential as well as your professional skills as an arborist.

We believe that our employees’ success is in the best interest of our business, which is why we prioritise our people, their growth opportunities, and creating a high-performance culture. We provide a safe and non-discriminatory work environment, 9-day fortnights, career development guidance, and a training and education allowance to complement your career growth. Additionally, we offer a health and wellbeing allowance to support your mental and physical wellbeing.


As a Climbing Arborist, you will be responsible for delivering value to our clients and the highest standard of tree care service. The ideal candidate will have completed a Cert 3 in arboriculture and possess a growth mindset and willingness to learn.

As a crew leader, you will work within a well-defined system, with processes and policies which are designed to deliver value that is consistent with our purpose and values. You will be responsible for the safety and guidance of your team and the delivery of a quality service and customer care.


As a Climbing Arborist and Crew Leader, you will have the opportunity to play a key role in shaping the urban forest in Tasmania, and in turn, improving the environment and the community.

You will work closely with a team of passionate professionals and have access to the industry’s best equipment, furthering your skills as a communicator, leader and highly-skilled arborist.

Together, we can make a difference in the urban forest and achieve our goal of enhancing the wellbeing of the community and the environment.

Essential attributes

Confident in all aspects of climbing
Effective communication
Willingness to learn and contribute in a team environment

Essential qualifications:

Cert 3 in Arboriculture

If you are ready to take the next step in your career and want to be part of a team that is passionate about making a positive impact on the environment, we encourage you to apply. Please send your resume and cover letter to colin@tasmaniantreecare.com.au.

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