Tree Removal

Our certified arborists and skilled tree climbers can handle any commercial tree removal project in Hobart and southern Tasmania.

As experts in large or dangerous trees in areas with limited access, we are trained in and utilise the latest rigging, machinery and equipment.  

We aim to retain and manage trees wherever possible. However, if they have become unsuitable for their location or dangerous, and pose a risk to residents or the public, removal may be necessary. Get in touch to book a free consultation with our professional arborists so we can evaluate your situation and provide suitable options.      

The most important things to us are safety and the application of skill. We prioritise the safety of our people, you and your property, and the wider public, while exercising a high degree of skill to complete our work.  

We utilise a range of equipment and pieces of machinery, from lifting cranes where there is no suitable rigging drop-zone, to loaders when wood needs to be kept in lengths or moved around a site/onto trucks, and stump grinders to remove stumps and allow for replanting. Our team can also recommend replacement plantings after a tree removal, and take away all debris arising from a job. 

Why choose Tasmanian Tree Care?  

When selecting a commercial tree removal service, we recommend you choose certified arborists who can offer the right degree of expertise, safety and professionalism, as opposed to purely the lowest price. A trusted company can not only help you safeguard your property, but also enhance the value of your natural assets. 


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